Purpose of Assessment

The primary goal of a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment is to determine a child’s distinct pattern of strengths and challenges. At CNC, a licensed clinical psychologist completes all areas of testing with your child. The field of psychology and education are shifting from paper and pencil tasks towards digital formats (e.g., IPad, laptop). At CNC we are leaders in using digital and web-based assessment. This innovative approach allows us to adapt to changes in assessment practices. Tablet and Web-based evaluations are advantageous for several reasons:

  • Children are familiar and comfortable using technology.
  • Helps sustain children’s interest and motivation.
  • Reduces length of assessment to decrease fatigue.
  • Improves administration and scoring accuracy.

Results from the in-depth neuropsychological evaluation are used to develop a plan to improve social, emotional, and academic functioning. Assessments are uniquely tailored to each child’s individual needs and the areas of concern identified by parents and teachers.

A typical assessment includes:

  • Parent intake
  • Consultation with school and treatment providers
  • School observation (if appropriate)
  • 4 to 8 hours of neuropsychological testing
  • Parent feedback
  • Child feedback
  • School meeting to review assessment findings
  • Ongoing follow-up with parents and schools

Who We Assess

Licensed clinical psychologists at CNC assess a range of populations including: ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning deficits, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety and mood symptoms, behavioral difficulties, social challenges, developmental delays, giftedness, and school readiness.

What We Assess

Our assessments provide a complete profile of your child’s strengths and weaknesses in a range of skill areas. Visit our Types of Assessment page to learn about the assessment packages we offer and Assessment Domains page for a detailed list of all the domains we can evaluate.