Executive Functioning Support

Executive Functioning is a set of critical skills that are necessary for learning to take place and for functioning in everyday life activities successfully. These skills include how to organize, plan, manage time, approach novel tasks and regulate behavior. Students who struggle with executive functioning tend to struggle with disorganization, feeling overwhelmed by tasks or assignments, underestimating time needed to complete an assignment, and starting or completing tasks. Individuals diagnosed with ADHD, Depression and/or Learning Disabilities frequently experience the effects of having weak executive functioning skills, which create barriers between them and learning.

Working with an Executive Functioning Specialist helps students develop new habits in the areas of organization, time management, and study strategies. The Specialist will, also, make suggestions about structures of support at home and at school. The student is taught specific skills through one to one instruction, modeling, guided practice and independent practice.

The Executive Functioning Specialist will provide the following services:

Suggestions for designing the home and school environment

  • Organization systems
  • Time management systems
  • Designing learning spaces with minimal distractions
  • Structuring the environment to be in alignment with executive functioning skills

Teaching the acquisition of executive functioning skills in the following areas:

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Planning, prioritizing, and goal setting
  • Motivation to initiate and follow through on a task to completion
  • Study skill strategies based on brain research
  • Learning strategies that complement individual learning styles and abilities
  • Memory strategies
  • Resisting distractions and sustaining attention
  • Flexible thinking in problem solving
  • Metacognition

Students are seen in 45 minute blocks once or twice a week, depending on need. It is recommended that students share any formal evaluations or documentation they may have describing their learning profile, including cognitive and academic assessments with the Executive Functioning Specialist. To schedule an appointment for executive functioning services, please call Barbara Smiley-Sherman, Ed.D. at 847-272-2484 or email bsherman@chicagoneuro.org.