Self-Regulation Group

Join us this summer for a Self-Regulation Group!

Parents and teachers have access to more resources than we realize to TEACH children to self-regulate. We all experience different states of regulation throughout the day; and in fact, it is expected that we are “set off” to a state of dysregulation at least once a day. For some children, frequent dysregulation at unexpected times can lead to a fear of school, social situations, and other common life experiences.

In this structured social skills group, children will gain awareness about their state of arousal, learn to deal with uncomfortable levels of dysregulation, and develop and use strategies to bring their state of regulation to an expected level. When calm, solving problems will be easier, and confidence will increase.

It’s never too late to teach these skills!


Grades: Entering 3rd, 4th & 5th

Group in Session: June 12 – June 16, 2 – 4pm

Location: Chicago Neurodevelopmental Center

COST for week: $350

Facilitator: Del Allen, Ed.S., NCSP

Contact: 312.369.9088

To register: Contact Del Allen or click here: Registration Form