Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect a child’s ability to receive, process, organize and express information. They are one of the most common problems seen in childhood and can range from mild to severe. Children are usually first identified by their teachers and school staff, but sometimes they go unnoticed. The sooner they are identified, the better the outcomes. Children with learning challenges need the proper support services as well as accommodations and modifications to the classroom instruction and curriculum. Without such support, children’s learning deficits can worsen and they can become frustrated, anxious, and disconnected from school.

Your child might have a learning disability if they show the following signs:

  • Struggles with reading
  • Difficulty mastering phonics (letter sounds)
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Struggles with math concepts
  • Difficulty with writing conventions such as punctuation
  • Has trouble organizing his/her thoughts
  • Poor spelling
  • Frequently complains about school
  • Gets easily discouraged or overwhelmed with homework

Children with learning disabilities can also struggle with executive functioning (i.e., time management, organization, planning, etc.). They might forget to complete or turn in assignments or fail to bring home the right materials for school projects.

If you have concerns about your child’s learning, please call CNC at 847-272-2484 to schedule a consultation and/or assessment. Obtaining a complete profile of strengths and weaknesses can be greatly informative in finding the right interventions. Our psychologists are also available to attend a school meeting to share results and recommendations from the evaluation.