Social Challenges

Social difficulties can affect children at all ages. Making friends and being a part of a social community is one of the most important developmental goals for children. When social skills don’t come naturally, it can be very difficult and anxiety-provoking for children. Making and keeping friends involves a complex set of social thinking skills and behaviors. Children may struggle with social development for a host of reasons. They may have sensory issues, social anxiety, difficulties managing their impulses, attention deficits, or developmental delays. Even learning difficulties or language disorders can affect a child’s interpersonal success.

Your child might be experiencing social challenges if the following is true:

  • Doesn’t get called for play dates
  • Doesn’t have close friendships
  • Misinterprets others’ comments or behavior
  • Seems to miss social cues
  • Is withdrawn from others
  • Feels isolated or lonely
  • Struggles to initiate conversation
  • Says or does things that put off other children
  • Doesn’t feel confident around others
  • Prefers to be with adults or familiar kids, struggles in large groups

Children with social challenges are at an increased risk for later adjustment issues. Having just one good friend can provide numerous protective benefits. It’s important to understand the cause and nature of your child’s social difficulties in order to identify the right treatments. If you have concerns about your child’s social standing, please call CNC at 847-272-2484 to schedule a consultation. Our psychologists are also available to meet with your child’s school to establish social skill interventions.